The bank Robbery!

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In this life, Any how you may see it, Sapa will always show face and Fatai will always be Fatai. He just wants to survive.

Fatai And His Robbery Squad At The Bank Robbery Operation**

Fatai: Everybody Lie Down. I say lie down!!

Fatai: I go shoot una papa oo!!!

Fatai: Where do you people keep money in this place ???

Banker: Please don’t shoot o, My wife just born.

Fatai: I say where do you people put money in this place.

Banker: Me i don’t know where they used to keep money o.

Fatai: Abi this one is mad ni ? Talk now before i shoot your gbola.

Banker: Ehn my family

Banker: Shey somebody cannot play with you again ni ? Oya lemme take you there.

Fatai: Good boy.

Emeka: Where is bag that we will use to carry money ??

Fatai: Shey you dinnor carry poly bag ni ?

Emeka: I carry nylon but i have use it to shit when we were coming.

Fatai: Shey you have like 70 Naira lemme go and buy poly bag outside

Emeka: If i give you 70 Naira how will we see okada to go home ?

Fatai: Boya we will use the bag in this bank.

Banker: This is where we keep money in this bank

Fatai: Emeka, oya tiff it.

Fatai: Pack the jewelries, See that cuban

Fatai: Pack everything

Fatai And Emeka Were Still Into Operation Until The Police Came To Interrupt

Emeka: Fatai!! Popo has show face o

Fatai: Shebi we have gun.

Emeka: You dey mad ni ?? I don’t want to die young o

Fatai: It’s just small rough play na

Police Has Made Their Way Into The Building. Automatic Wahala Mode (Activated)

Police: Everybody hanz up!!

Police: I say hanz up!! I no get joy o

Fatai: Popo, shey you don’t know how to greet ni ??

Police: Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law.

Fatai: Comot body joor!

Fatai: A whole fineboyfatai ?? Go and ask of me in oshodi

Police: Oya calm down.

Fatai: Abi popo is mad ni ??

Police: Calm down fess, let’s talk man to man

Fatai: Oya what appun ?

Emeka: Fatai don’t answer him o

Police: Let’s do deal. 70 / 30

Fatai: Izz like you’re mad

Emeka: Fatai, just avoid wahala. Let’s give him 30%

Fatai: As seed germinate into a plant, so shall violence germinate into wahala. There shall be no solution, Everywhere must scatter. I feel like seeing blood.

Police: You will need police in your future operation o, think about it well


Fatai: Oya let’s do business

Fatai Gave The Police His Share And The Police Was About To Leave But Unfortunately…….

Fatai: ** Shoots the police penis**

Police: YEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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