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Fatai and sulia have given birth to a new born baby. And he is already getting tired of his new fatherhood life.

Pls who knows where i can be getting old newspapers ? Boya the baby will be using newspaper to shit because i’m tired of buying pampers o.

How can a baby as short as a dwarf be using 3 pampers in a day ? Na ment ??

Izz like it is time for her to start using the toilet because that is what iya fatai used to do for me when i was small.

I’ve not even talked about how much food she eats in a day. This girl can eat cerelac like 4 times in a day. In this sapalation period.

Anyways, i already have that covered. Sulia will be giving her pap in the morning, Garri and iced block in the afternoon and breast milk in the night. Everything in this life is management.

My molebi have started again with their meeting and if i boot my internal agbero for them, nobody should talk o.

I did not tell them that i want to do ikomo. Abi what is their problem gan sef ? It is sha my baby.

At the Molebi meeting…

Baba Saka: Fatai baby’s naming ceremony is on Friday. Let us plan on how we will do the ikomo o.

Fatai: I have decided not to do ikomo.

Baba Saka: Kilode ?

Fatai: I don’t want to waste money. I’m not even sure if the baby will take over her daddy’s character.

Baba Fatai: You want your daughter to turn to hoodlum like you


Fatai: Dazz how i will know if the baby is not omo ale.

Baba Saka: Fatai, are you under spell ??

Fatai: I said it. Now i remembered who knack me Gbetugbetu when i was in yabaleft. Baba saka why did you jazz me to give sulia belle ??

Fatai: I sha noticed that the konji that hold me the day i got discharged is different.

Baba Saka: Izz like you will go back to that yabaleft because they have not treat you finish.

Fatai: Boya the mental that i’m mental is in the blood. All of us are mad, especially Baba Fatai.

Baba Fatai: Are you mad !??


Fatai: Izz like we have finished molebi meeting. I want to go and change diapers.

Sheybi you people have seen it yourself that my molebi have mad. Anytime we do molebi meeting bayi, it is always violent.

Something just came to my mind.

What if this baby is like a blessing in disguise ??

As you all know i’m a professional agbero and an umbrella repairer. If i teach this baby how to repair umbrella i will cash out o.

Within Oshodi 500, Outside Oshodi 1k. Within Lagos 2k

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6 shares, 35 points

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