A Day In The Life Of The Goats | “This Suffering Is Getting Too Much”

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Goats have proven to be a beneficial resource to mankind. Goats are part of the necessity of life. But the see finish is getting too much.

Today, We have an interview with the chief justice of Goats. Mr Ewurelabi from elewure land.

Hello Mr Ewurelabi.

Mr Elewurelabi: Mehhh

Good Afternoon Mr Elewurelabi

Mr Ewurelabi: There’s nothing good about this afternoon pls. Let’s do this interview fast so i can leave abeg.

How has life been To You ever since you got your position as one of the most respected Goat title?

Mr Ewurelabi: First of all i want to thank almighty God for the gift of life.

Lots of my peers have only wished to reach the position i have reached but they got slaughtered and in the process get used for asun and any other thing you can imagine. But here i am, doing interview with you. I’m not saying i used juju o but na grace.

Second of all, it’s the hypocrisy for me when you people call that position one of the most respected positions because the amount of see finish i have seen with my two naked eyes i’ll need to go and see a therapist.

Imagine a whole me, they are using slippers to beat me because of one small bread that was looking for it’s benefactor. Assuming it was BDSM they were trying to practice with me, i would have loved it and even asked for more.

Have Any Of Your Siblings Or Loved Ones Been Slaughtered And Used For Asun ?

Mr Elewurelabi: See ehn, I don’t want to talk about the things that’ll make me down this hot afternoon but since it is interview we are doing, i kuku will talk. There was one guy in our hood. His name is Arogunmatidi. Any time i’m praying laidis, i always add him to my prayers that Amhadioha should strike him for me. That guy was a male version Delilah. There was this beloved goat babe that i used to do lovin’ lovin’ with back then, Sandra may your soul rest in peace even tho they have chop you before i chop your work. We could have been enjoying together now but who am i to question God’s doings?

The second one was my step brother i know that it’s normal for goats to be ment but his own is was worse. It was babe that he went to look for before they caught him and they kept him till Ileya festival. They slaughtered him in my front like my mental heath doesn’t matter. I understand that he did it for the culture and i’m proud of him but i really pains me to see him go. I know that he is weyrey, but old soldier never dies.

I’m So Sorry For The Loss. So How Did You Move On And Live Your Life?

Thank you. I didn’t really move on but there’s something that always makes me forget my pain and make me want to catch cruise. Since there’s something that must kill a man, There’s something that’ll kill a Goat too.

How Do You Mean Mr Elewurelabi?

Do you know what Goats eat the most?

Goats Eat Weed Mr Ewurelabi

By now you should have gerrit. But i prefer loud than weed these days because they make me reason things in cloud 9 mode. One day me and you will sit down goat to man and smoke till we meet the most high.

Sorry o, But i Don’t Smoke

Omo that one concern your papa o.

Why won’t they Slaughter You People? If it’s not because of this interview i would have slaughtered you myself.

Ahh, thank you for honoring me. Lemme come and start going.

Please Getat.

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